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Mobile Vision is pleased to present these exciting new products. We at Mobile Vision believe these products provide a safer procedure for backing up, and would be a great advantage for your company or your existing market.

Quality is important to us, just as it is to you. In the interest of durability, our suppliers have incorporated high-quality components into their rear vision back-up system. A warranty and warranty card will be included with each system sold. WE DO NOT SELL SECOND HAND OR REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT.


Mobile Vision, Boise Sales, LLC, is a husband wife business. I've been in sales and marketing most of my life, and enjoy meeting and helping people. Our focus is on quality, service, and making people aware of the shocking number of children who lose their life after being run over by vehicles. In the last year, there have been several deaths and injuries from back-up accidents. Some children are even backed over by members of their own family.

A rearview system is a supplemental tool that takes away blind spots and gives you a better view of what is behind you. You still must be aware of your surroundings if unsure, get out and look! A rear view system does not take the place of rearview mirrors or standard safety precautions. Save a life and help prevent property damage by using common sense.

If you have any questions about our products please call (208) 724-3111. I'll be glad to answer any questions and provide further information on the systems that we sell. Thank you and be safe.

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