HC-218620 – Backup Camera System

HC-218620 - Backup Camera System

For a backup camera system which fits almost any vehicle and is virtually invisible, look no further than the G-Series Camera System. This system features the legendary G-Series Monitor and the 218 Camera which despite its small size is powerfully built to withstand all weather conditions.

The G-Series monitor replaces the existing rear view mirror for a clean look. Its screen is 4.3 inches wide and pushed to the left of the mirror to be more easily viewed by the driver. For an absolutely perfect backing up experience, this monitor comes with adjustable grid lines, allowing you to adjust the grid lines to be completely accurate regardless of where you mount the camera.

The backup camera in this system is surface mounted and can fit almost any vehicle. This slick compact design makes the camera virtually invisible. The camera has an IP68 rating which makes it completely weatherproof and boasts excellent night vision. This system comes included with all parts necessary for installation.

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    Compact Backup Camera
    This Compact Backup Camera is built with a MT9V136 lens with an ultra wide viewing angle of 170°. It’s tiny size (less than an inch long, wide and deep) makes it ideal for smaller vehicles and allows its installation to be virtually invisible. It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and with an IP68 rating is fit to operate in almost all weather conditions.

    OEM Replacement Mirror Monitor
    Our OEM Style Mirror Monitor provides ultimate performance together with a clean, factory like install. It attaches to the windshield, replacing the existing rear view mirror and its bright screen and reflective ability contribute to an all-in-one backup experience. It comes with a 4.3″ Color TFT Digital Display and its distance grid lines are optional and adjustable.

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