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Invented by a police officer, the PowerFlare PF-200 Safety Light is an essential piece of equipment for police, firefighters, EMTs, rescue first responders, members of emergency response teams, and people who are serious about being prepared. Also available in a 24-pack case. The compact (4″) light emits 360 of ultra-bright light from an array of 16 LEDs, visible for up to 10 miles away. It is waterproof and so tough, you can run it over with a fire truck.

Power flares are the LED road flares that are essential for law enforcement and personal use alike. The power flares you’ll find at Mobile Vision are more practical than alkaline battery powered flashlights or even sticks that use luminous chemicals as a source of light because power flares run off stable, tough lithium batteries. They’re small in size, only 4 inches, but are big when it comes to putting off a lot of light. You’ll easily see the brilliant light shining from the assembly of 16 LED’s from as far away as 10 miles. Our power flares are waterproof and will stand up under the most extreme temperatures — they can even handle being run over by a fire truck. Don’t try that with your hardware-store flashlight! Comes in a 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 softpacks.

  • Overview

    Mobile Vision carries incident and traffic control packs of power flares, vital for law enforcement of any department size and budgetary means. Our pack of 24 high-performance non-rechargeable power flares have a durable 10 year shelf life and are as easily stored in vehicles as they are in trailers for uses like:

    • traffic control
    • DUI checkpoints
    • crime scene investigations
    • mass casualty or disaster incidents

    The safety of you and your family can benefit from the exact same technology that the military, law enforcement and first responders use when you get power flares from Mobile Vision. Available in smaller quantities than the 24 pack, you can get as few as 2 to 8 power flares in a soft pack to:

    • keep in your car
    • store in a disaster supply kit
    • stow on your boat
    • carry when you’re hiking, biking or running

    Our power flare safety lights can be programmed to stay on continuously or flash in one of seven distinct patterns, including the Morse Code sequence for “SOS”. With these smaller power flares you can choose from rechargeable or non-rechargeable, and both battery types are replaceable. Whether for personal or professional use, Mobile Vision has the right power flares to meet your needs. 

    • Personal Safety
    • Power failure / blackouts
    • Signal rescuers to your house (put in window or driveway)
    • Sports and recreation (easy to clip on to belt, backpack, bicycle, etc.)
    • SCUBA diving: waterproof to 300′ & floats

    The PowerFlare PF-200 Safety Light has 7 flash patterns, including U.S. Coast Guard approved “SOS” (Morse Code) and solid-on(lantern). Runs up to 100 hours on either CR-123 batteries (PF-200) or AA NiMH rechargeable batteries (PF-200R). In both cases the batteries are replaceable.

    The PowerFlare PF-200 Series of Electronic LED Safety Lights comes in two styles: Non-rechargeable PF-200, which uses a replaceable CR-123 Lithium battery Rechargeable PF-200R. which uses 2 replaceable AA Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries.

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    Find out more in the Powerflare flyer, or about the
    24 Traffic Control Kit.

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