MITO Smart Mirror

Mito Smart Mirror

The Mito Smart Mirror comes with a license plate camera so you have complete rear view vision.

A safety and convenience feature is a video display located in the auto-dimming rearview mirror. When paired with a backup camera the display shows a real-time panoramic view of the rear of the vehicle. The display appears through the mirror glass automatically when the vehicle is shifted into “reverse” it disappears when the vehicle is shifted into any other gear.

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    Display Technology — the liquid crystal display (LCD) appears through the mirror’s reflective surface via proprietary “transflective” coatings and lighting techniques. The result is a bright, high-resolution display in an intuitive location. The display is driven by a camera located at the rear of the vehicle, and is displayed on the left side of the mirror.

    Safety and Convenience* – From a safety perspective, the Rear Camera Display Mirror should help reduce the risk of backup accidents, especially for vehicles with limited rear vision.  Another benefit is the convenience associated with hooking up to boats, RVs and utility trailers. Other Benefits – For automakers, the video display technology is quick-to-market, easy to install and service, relatively low cost, and offers a seamless enhancement to the auto-dimming rearview mirror.

    *Please note that the video display mirror is intended to be used as a supplemental device for drivers and does not eliminate the need to check rearview mirrors or walk around the vehicle, should conditions warrant.   When it comes to backing up safely, nothing beats walking around the vehicle prior to moving it.

    MITO has researched and found several solutions for your safety and convenience! Accidents caused from unseen obstructions have caused loss of life and property damage.

    Universal full frame license plate camera. Viewing angle of 130°. High resolution (512×492) color camera. Vertical swivel adjustment for different viewing angles. Works on all types of vehicles. Outputs reverse image. Available in a black or chrome finish.

    • 130° WIDE ANGLE VIEW
    • BAR STYLE-71/2 L X 1 1/4 T – VTL400

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