Pro-Tech Trailer Security System

PRO-TEC System One is designed to monitor and protect trailers and their contents from tampering and theft.

Monitors all doors and any movement of trailer by means of an adjustable shock sensor and pin switches. Contained in a weather resistant plastic mounting box.

  • Overview

    The PTS-2 comes with all the same features of the PTS-1 except the shock sensor, plus these new additions. The PTS-2 uses accelerometer technology instead of using a shock sensor as the PTS-1. The PTS-2 has an additional feature by using an interior keypad or key switch to arm and disarm the system. The keypad is user friendly and easily programmed. The PTS-2 is also equipped with a low battery alert system. The optional paging package (PTS-1P & PTS-2P) includes the pager base unit, pager and manual paging button to help notify you when you are away from the trailer.

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  • Specifications

    • Siren: Water resistant – 128db sound
    • Remote Transmitters: Key chain remote control units that arm/disarm at a range of 200 feet.(Additional remotes available)
      – Super Pin Switches (3): Polycarbonate Shaft
      – Stainless Steel Spring
      – Nickel Plated Steel Body
      – Tin Plated Brass QC Terminal
      – Easily Adjusted
    • Pager Base Unit: Connects directly to Protec System One and will transmit up to a one mile radius when alarm or manual pager is activated.
    • Pager: Monitors the status of Protec System One or manual paging button with different beeping sequences. (Additional pagers available.)
    • Manual Paging Button: Allows a person at the trailer to activate the pager on demand to notify the trailer owner that they are looking for him/her.

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