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Thank You For Your Service.

HC-D4027 Camera Recording System

The HC-D4027 is a cost-effective, highly functional camera recording system which is designed for on-board video and remote monitoring.

It uses the rapid handling device and embedded Linux platform, combined with the most advanced H.264 video compression, network and GPS technology.


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With SD card as a storage medium, the HC-D4027 can realize many functions such as audio-video recording, vehicle's driving information recording and remote management. With a solid and compact build, the HC-D4027 is vibration-proof, installation-friendly and combines powerful functions with a stable performance.


  • New generation anti-vibration mechanism and special connector for vibration resistance
  • Wide power input range: 8VDC~36VDC
  • GPS, 3G (EVDO/HSDPA), External WIFI (802.11b/g) optional
  • Up to 24 hour delay after power off
  • Built in G-force sensor
  • Support two SD cards, maximum 64 GB for each
  • GPS location tracking, speed detection and sync time
  • Built in power supply for cameras
  • Water mark, special file system
  • H.264 video compression, dual stream