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Azentek Smart Mirror

Azentek Smart Mirror

A rear view mirror that includes an integrated GPS navigation system, Bluetooth hands-free phone with integrated speaker, and a video input for a reverse camera system.

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Why Smart Mirror?

  • National Safety Council calls for nationwide ban on cell phone use while driving.
  • A Florida jury awarded $20.9 million to 79-year-old woman for severe injuries she suffered when a salesman talking on a cell phone broadsided her.
  • A study from the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis estimated that cell phone use while driving contributes to 6 percent of crashes, which equates to 636,000 crashes, 330,000 injuries, 12,000 serious injuries and 2,600 deaths each year. The study also put the annual financial toll of cell phone-related crashes at $43 billion per year.

Smart Mirror Features


  • Rearview mirror with integrated GPS Navigation
  • Samsung S3C244OA-400MHZ processor
  • 64MB internal memory
  • 2GB SD card for storing Maps, Pictures, and e-Books
  • Built on Windows CE .NET 4.2
  • Built-in GPS receiver with highly-sensitive (16 channels) dual antenna design
  • 4.0" Touch screen LCD monitor (wide-screen)
  • Integrated speaker
  • Built-in Bluetooth functions:
    • Bluetooth hands-free phone
    • Incoming caller ID display on screen
    • Call History Log
    • Manual/Auto call answering
  • (2) Video inputs w/ reverse camera input
  • Navigon Mobile Navigator 6.5
  • Millions of points of interest (POIs)
  • Voice prompted turn-by-turn directions
  • Intuitive menus and stunning 2D and 3D maps
  • Up to 12 map updates when you accessorize with FreshMaps
  • Lane Assistant and Reality View™ for extra guidance
  • Spoken street names via text-to-speech
  • DirectHelp for emergency assistance
  • Easy-to-read map views that adapt to your needs