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Poron Micro Vehicle Reversing System

Rear View Systems STM 5600

The Micro3 Series Vehicle Reversing System is a patented automatic back-up voice-alert system that warns drivers of potential obstacles while backing up their vehicle.

Avoid scraping your expensive paint job on an unseen shopping cart, don't worry about setting off another driver's car alarm, and, most importantly, protect the lives of others who may be walking behind you in your blind spot!

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Car Reverse Parking Sensor System from Poron

Utilizing patented technology to enhance safety while backing up is at the foundation of poron micro sensors available from Mobile Vision. The Voice Distance Indicator (VDI) actually talks to you, telling you how close you are to any object in your blind spot -- an area that is disturbingly large when it comes to maneuvering a car, van or truck. VDI employs echo-location sonar technology -- the exact same devices as are used by the U.S. Army, Marine Corps and Navy. With an accuracy of plus or minus 2 inches and an alert signal in the blind area, you can't afford to be without poron micro sensors from Mobile Vision.

The great thing about poron micro sensors is that they'll save you time and again from paint scratches and scrapes by warning you that you're too close to an object like an errant shopping cart. Poron micro sensors are the best when it comes to alerting you to a pet or child that's scurried behind your car after you've already checked to make sure your path is clear. And  with poron micro sensors there's no wire cutting involved, making installation fast and simple.

Whether you choose to go with the Micro 3, Micro 4 or Micro 6 series of poron micro sensors, you'll always be safe backing up. Mobile Vision has them both and we're happy to consult with you and give advice whether you have a passenger vehicle, utility vehicle or need to outfit a larger vehicle like:

  • 5th wheels
  • ambulances
  • bob tail trucks
  • RV's
  • school buses
  • waste trucks

Our poron micro sensor talking reverse alert systems have multi-port processors and all have warranties. Drive safe and back up safe with the best poron micro sensors found only at Mobile Vision. 


The Micro3 talking reverse alert system is our most used system. It has impressive features like our Exclusive Voice Distance Indicator (VDI) technology literally tells the driver verbally and with variable tone pulse assist the vehicle distance to an object or person.

Micro 3 is the only system with a blind spot alert signal. Accurate within +- 2 inches. Most commonly used on all passenger vehicles and small to mid-size utility vehicles.


The Micro4 talking reverse alert system has the same impressive features as the Micro 3. This system has a fourth sensor and a four port microprocessor. This is used on commercial vehicles, buses, and motor homes. Any vehicle wider than 7 ½ ft wide requires a four sensor system.

The Micro4Series Vehicle Reversing Aid - is best used with these types of vehicles with bumper span greater than 7’6’ or has a  24 volt system:

  • Ambulance
  • School Buses
  • RV's
  • 5th Wheel
  • Waste Trucks
  • Bob Tail Truck


The Micro6 talking reverse alert system has the same features as the Micro 3 & Micro 4. This system also has four sensors and a four port microprocessor.

This is used on most of the newer vehicles with the plastic type bumpers. The Micro 6 has the smallest sensor available today. A transparent sensor housing makes for easy color matching to your bumper.


  • Exclusive patented Voice Distance Indicator (VDI) technology that literally "tells" the driver the vehicle to obstacle distance in feet/inches as the driver backs up.
  • 6 zone variable tone pulse increases in intensity as the vehicle to obstacle distance decreases.
  • Echo-location sonar used by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corp and U.S. Army.
  • Accurate to within +/-2 inches. Blind area alert signal.
  • 8-bit microprocessor with 3 water and rust proof acoustic detectors.
  • Sensors that operate in all kinds of conditions, (i.e fog, rain, snow, darkness, bright sun, etc.)
  • Quick and easy installation with no wire cutting.
  • Includes three-year unlimited mileage, limited manufacturers warranty.