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Mobile Vision has several Rear Vision Systems FOR LONG HAUL FLEETS, SMALL VEHICLES AND DELIVERY VEHICLES. Think of an application and one of our systems would probably do the job. Blind Spots are responsible for large truck crashes, installing rear and side mount cameras is an affordable way to solve the problem.

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    We have Side/Rear Vision Systems that would help you to see around your vehicle 340 to, 360 degrees and would help in backing up to loading docks and avoid lane change accidents.

    If you are losing inventory due to thefts or damage, we can help by installing cameras. We have a recorder with a programmable motion sensor that would monitor your vehicle and inventory and help catch the BAD GUY ON TAPE and that would assist you with prosecution.

    There are some insurance companies that would underwrite discounts for you if you are using systems that would help cut down on accidents and property damage.

    We have systems that have audio from the camera to the monitor so that someone in the back can talk to the driver. Most monitors are full color LCD screen with mirror with normal vision. We have systems that run one, two, three or four cameras. Most cameras are infrared so they gather enough light to be able to see in the dark.

    Vehicle Rear View Systems is the only talking aid with ECHOLOCATION SONAR, the same system the Marines, the Navy and the Army use. This system can be installed on most types vehicles, ­motor homes and light to medium commercial vehicles. You can go to our web site to view this product. Click on a item and find some video to see how the product works, you can click on micro­3 Micro­4 and micro­5 to see some vehicles with the systems we installed. We also have monitors an cameras, we have the only talking reversing system available for emergency vehicles. Both these items work well on fire Trucks.

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