HC 082507H Backup Camera System with Built-in Heater

This heated rear view camera system is complete with a crystal clear 7″ DIGITAL TFT LCD color monitor with mirror image capability and one rear view back up camera with a 120° viewing angle and built in heater to withstand the coldest weather. The backup camera’s night vision boasts a 50 foot range with 30 built in Infra-reds so you can see in total darkness. The system includes all the wires, connectors and mounts you will need.

The backup camera system is completely weather proof, with an IP69K rating to withstand power washing, strong and reliable, shock resistant, with a 15G impact rating (highest in the industry), and comes with a full year warranty.

  • Overview

    Heated Camera

    Our Heated CCD Camera is made for those real intense moments. With an IP69K rating and heated lens, this camera is made to withstand almost anything mother nature throws against us. It has a viewing angle of 120° and boasts 30 Infra-red Illuminators giving you an ideal image at all times. Adding to its durability is its 100G Shock Rating and Aircraft Grade Cable Connections.

    Widescreen Monitor

    Our 7″ TFT LCD Color Monitor comes with a Super Sharp Digital Display and a pixel resolution of 800 X 480. The distance grid lines that come standard with these monitors are optional and adjustable. It has built-in speakers and its menu can be navigated with the on dash buttons or with the remote which comes included.

    Multiplexer and System

    The control unit or “brains” of our system is what we call the multiplexer. It powers our system, receives all camera feeds and sends them to the monitor. Its three inputs allow for multiple camera connection and connection of a DVD player. This multiplexer connects straight to the fuse box, handles 12-24 volts and comes with a separate trigger wire for each camera connected.

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