Obserview Backup System

Obserview Backup Camera Systems provide your car, truck, SUV, RV and Commercial Semi Truck with safe rear view access.

Put one or more cameras on the back of your vehicle and a monitor by the driver and see what is going on to the side and behind the vehicle at all times.

  • Specifications

    • Waterproof
    • Auto Day Light Sensor
    • 7” High Performance screen
    • LED backlights
    • Support for 4 CCD Inputs + 1 AV Input
    • Support for Single, Split, Triple and Quad-Picture Display
    • Provides 2 Video Signal Output (Live/Quad)
    • Quad-Signal Output can be recorded via Mobile DVR
    • Provides Distance Gage when shifting into reverse
    • Reverse Trigger Activation–12-32 Volt
    • “A” and “B” Port Trigger–12-32 Volt
    • Auto Switch to Split-Picture, synchronized with Turn Signal
    • Cradle mount provides maximum resistance against high shock and vibration
    • Sunshield for optimal viewing
    • Provides distance gage
    • Selectable A, B, C, & R Port Trigger—12-32 Volt
    • Resists up to 10G of Shock and Vibration
  • Images

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