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Tiggerby Mac

Tiggerby Mac


When I first met Tiggerby Happy Mac, it was toward the end of his life.  Actually, it was about eight months AFTER he was supposed to have left us for good.  You see, back in October 2007, Mac was diagnosed with cancer and the vets told Mac's family that he had only about thirty days to live.


Tiggerby Mac birthdayWell, fortunately, Mac didn't speak "human" all that well, so he never knew about this "expiration date."  And, better still, his loving owner Ken McDevitt refused to accept the time limit either.  Otherwise, Mac and I never would have met.

Instead, Ken set out to find ways to help Mac beat the cancer, and that search led him (and Mac) to me and my book Curing Canine Cancer.  Ken also found a wonderful Veterinarian near their hometown of Boise, Idaho named Dr. Shauna Ault.  With the help of treatments from my book and the amazing care provided by Dr. Ault, I had the great pleasure of meeting Mac and Ken on a sunny June day in 2008, as I rode my bicycle through Boise to raise money for dog cancer charities on "The Dog Cancer Ride Across America."

Tiggerby Mac birthdayBy the time we met in person, Mac's one month "death sentence" had long since passed.  Actually, his eleventh birthday was fast approaching and Mac looked and acted as active and friendly--and best of all, alive--as any eleven-year-old dog I've ever met.  He was running and playing in the backyard with his daughter Buffy, and thoroughly enjoying life with his family.

Thanks to Mac, I found a new friend in Ken McDevitt, who became our main media contact for the "Dog Cancer Ride Across America," and helped to spread the word throughout our country by television, radio, and newspapers about the ride and the importance of canine cancer care.

Tiggerby Mac opening presentsI'm proud that Mac made it long past the one-month time limit that had been predicted--actually Mac made it past one year and even more--and thanks to Mac and the love of his owner Ken, we were able to raise over $15,000 to help other less fortunate dogs receive cancer care their owners couldn't otherwise afford.

We will always remember you Mac, and your memory will continue to live on through the many other dogs you help along the way.

(Mac is survived by his loving family, Lynn and Ken McDevitt, and Mac's daughter Buffy.)


Ted Schneck –  Author of Curing Canine Cancer and rider on “The Dog Cancer Ride Across America."

In memory of Mac, the McDevitt Family is collecting donations to help Dr. Shauna Ault’s veterinary practice to purchase much needed medical equipment that will help her save the lives of other dogs with cancer.

To contribute to this important goal, please contact Ken McDevitt through his web site at